Why Are Some Wedding Veils More Expensive Than Others?


There is no question that the cost of a  planning a wedding can be overwhelming.  Therefore, more and more brides are going DIY on many of their accessories to save some extra cash for their special day.  When it comes to selecting a bridal veil, not a few brides have found the price of a veil to be somewhat shocking.  One might say, “it’s only tulle on a comb”  how much can that cost?  So, are brides being robbed or are some wedding veils really more expensive than others?  What is the difference?

Photo Courtesy of Cinderella’s Closet

There are many fabrics from which a bridal veil can be made.  The most traditional veil is made of  “bridal illusion”, which is a fine nylon tulle used by the majority of the bridal veil industry to create most wedding veils and is fairly inexpensive.    A crafty talented bride, friend, or family member might try their hand at making their own simple wedding veil to cut costs.  However, for a bride who may not be crafty or interested in making their own, there are many affordable options for bridal illusion-based wedding veils.  However, other brides may want a more couture or unique veil or are desirous of special trims or fabrics.  Why, do the costs go up so much when a bride wants this kind of bridal veil style?


The more luxuriant silk tulle veil as worn by Kate Middleton for her special day was made of silk tulle.  Silk tulle is a natural fabric made of 100% silk and is extremely delicate and fluid compared to the illusion tulle.  It is also an imported fabric for U.S. brides often imported from the UK, France, or Italy.  Therefore, this is where the cost can become substantially higher than standard bridal illusion veiling.  Why select silk tulle fabric?  Some brides want the delicate nature of silk tulle,  love the soft and elegant feel of the fabric, and love that it is less voluminous than an illusion tulle wedding veil.

Besides, bridal illusion and silk tulle, bridal veils can be made from made from English net, chiffon, silk chiffon, organza, and specialty tulles such as Swiss Dot, or Point D’Esprit.  The difference in pricing with a wedding veil fabric is also based on the same components.  If it is synthetic and domestically made fabric, it will be a lower cost but grades of fabric (meaning the quality in weave or texture) will mean a higher price.   You can usually tell by the feel of the fabric and texture if it is of a higher quality.   It will usually feel finer, softer, and sometimes heavier depending on the fabric.   If the fabric is an imported fabric, this will also factor in the cost of the veiling being higher than others.


Wedding veils designed with an embroidered pencil edge, silk or satin ribbon, soutache, and similarly applied edges are often applied by machine or by hand usually by a skilled person specifically designing the veil based on the length and width.  Some trims are rather costly and when you factor in a skilled person applying this elegant trim to a create a specially adorned wedding veil, here is where the cost factors in again for the resulting beautifully trimmed bridal beaded veil.

You might have a talented family member or friend who is experienced enough to assist you in creating a specialty trim veil but if you don’t, this might help to explain what’s involved in the costs of a trimmed bridal veil.  Some trims such as rhinestones, crystals, or beaded trims are costly by themselves and require specific machinery as well along with experience in knowing how to apply such a trim.

Embroidered Veils

Embroidered veils are often intricately designed with ornate thread work and made with hand-beaded details.   Therefore, that attention to detail simply cost quite a bit.  Often times, the resulting beautiful design and workmanship are well worth the cost for such a great heirloom to treasure well after the wedding day.

Embroidered Veil Example - Veil by Erica Koesler
Embroidered Veil Example – Veil by Erica Koesler


Embroidered Veil Example – Veil by Erica Koesler


Imported laces such as Alencon or Chantilly are fine needlepoint laces on fine tulle.  Many of these are imported from France or England.  As such the cost of the yardage for the lace is highly expensive.  Lower cost laces are made of polyester or re-embroidered to create a similar design but not as high quality to the imported laces.  If you are asking about why lace veils are so expensive, it is mostly the actual fine lace that is being used to create the veil.  It is also labor-intensive to apply a lace edge to soft tulle.

Photo - Real Bride, Courtesy of "Kimberly Paige Photography"
Photo – Real Bride, Courtesy of “Kimberly Paige Photography”

Veil – Allover Embroidered Lace Veil by Distinctive Veils & Accessories

Full French Alencon Lace Mantilla

Lace Veil Examples by Distinctive Veils & Accessories



Today, with the present surge in more and more DIY  brides, it is not unusual to find creative and talented individuals endeavoring to create their own looks.  For the bride, who would rather leave that to the professionals but is seeking the find the best veil for the best price, it is good to ask for fabric swatches or provide the company with examples of the type of veil for which you are searching.  Sometimes, companies can offer alternatives that fit your budget without losing quality, design, and style.  Happy searching, all!



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