Must I Wear a Wedding Veil?

For Reals…What’s Up With a Bridal Veil?  


The wedding veil has been a symbol of nuptial beginnings for centuries and for many is the “icing on the cake”.  However, must one really wear a bridal veil?  Is your wedding doomed for all time if you don’t wear one?

Simply answered, no.


Some brides just hate veils, some don’t care about all those accessories, others choose to wear a classic wedding veil because of the tradition, while some brides choose to wear a bridal veil because it is simply a great wedding accessory to complete their look.  Maybe, you fit into one of these categories.  What can a bridal veil do for your look?


One Thing to Think About: Go from “Wow” to “Pow!”

At Distinctive Veils and Accessories we love designing and selecting unique wedding veils for our customers because a bridal veil can be a truly awesome accessory. Accessories can accomplish so much for the bride seeking to express herself, to perhaps make more of a “statement” about her personal style, or even reflect the very mood of the event she is planning.  Picture the wedding dress as a palate from which a bride can draw that inspiration.  The tulle, organza, satin, bead work, flower or embroidery can all be accessorized and will enhance or play up those very details on the gown creating a finished look.  To be fair, it is true, sometimes a dress can “speak” for itself and some surely do.  But it is true, add a simple or accented veil and the look becomes even more “bridal”.

A dress that says, “Wow!” can be transformed to an ensemble that says “Pow!” with just a few bridal accessories.  A wedding veil is one of the great pieces that can accomplish that goal for a bride.  The beauty of it all is it your choice…wear one or don’t!  It’s your style!

Well, Tulle Shmull…Whatever, you say. Here’s Another Thought…


Your wedding day won’t be repeated.  It’s the only time in your life to be “bridal”.  So, even a simply classic veil could add just that last touch.  For some reason, if you ever watch “Say Yes to the Dress” or similar shows, when does everyone start crying?  When, they add that veil, baby!  Mom starts crying.  Dad (if he’s there) tears up.  The bride turns around to look at the dress she lights up in and is on the edge before she says “yes” but needs that nudge of reassurance.  Once, she sees herself with the veil added, why it’s all over!  Okay, maybe I’m a little biased.  You think?  In all honesty,  it’s up to you. It’s your big day and many brides look back at one of the most special dates in life without a veil too!


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